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Mental Health Services

Family and Couples Counseling/Therapy

Provided to guide a family/couple toward treatment goals, Family and Couples Counseling/Therapy efforts in treatment may include, but are not limited to decreasing conflict, increasing communication, modifying behaviors and attitudes, and increasing supportive relationships within the system. Psycho-education also occurs in the Outpatient treatment process.  These services are intended to assist the client, their family members and/or their support system in understanding mental illness and/or alcohol/drug abuse and addiction issues.  The information on the nature of the illness, course of the illness, known etiological factors, and treatment options and interventions are provided in an effort to help the client and their family/supports understand the many facets of mental health and/or alcohol/drug diagnosis.

Group Counseling/Therapy

The goal of group counseling/therapy is to provide clients the opportunity to explore attitudes, feelings, behaviors and mechanisms to process life experiences, develop adaptive coping strategies and explore life alternatives while striving toward treatment objectives.  Goals are met through the provision of didactic sharing, group discussion, and/or guided group exercises in an effort to attain treatment goals, increase coping skills and gain greater personal insight.

Individual and Group (CPST/CM)

The service is provided individually and in a group format as appropriate.  The major goal of this service is to provide the client with the opportunity to live within the community and to function at the highest level of recovery possible for the individual.  The goal of the service is to assist clients in gaining access to all services and resources available to meet their basic needs for living – such as medical, social, educational, vocational, etc.  Alcohol and drug clients are assisted to increase their ability to gain and maintain sobriety and improve their quality of life.  These services are provided to enhance the quality of the client’s life and to promote human dignity.

Other Mental Health Services

WBHC in conjunction with the ADAMHS Board of Mercer, Paulding and Van Wert Counties, Van Wert County Schools and the Van Wert City Schools provides clinical counseling and consultation services to the Emotionally Disabled Programs of the city and county school systems.  These services involve a case manager from the Center being on site at the Western Buckeye ESC four days each week when school is in session.  This service is available to other schools in Paulding and Van Wert Counties as needed.

Duties include offering behavioral interventions and training to school staff and providing group and individual interventions to students in the programs on an as needed basis.  The worker may also refer the student to WBHC or another service agency as needed.  The worker coordinates all referrals to other agencies and assists the student and the school in such a manner at to increase successful outcomes.  The worker participates in IEP sessions as well as transitioning the student back into the regular classroom at the end of the ED program.

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