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Prevention/Diversion Services

Westwood Behavioral Health Center provides both prevention services under both the Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health service areas umbrellas.  Utilizing the risk and resiliency model, our Substance Use prevention services aim to encourage abstinence from alcohol and other drugs while assisting individuals in developing resistance skills.  Prevention workers utilize evidence based curricula in classroom settings which promote health & wellness in addition to teaching skills to resist chemical use in real life settings.  Hands-on art activities, role plays and awareness raising campaigns are just a few of the activities in which students may participate.

Westwood participates in a variety of health fairs and other informational booths to promote awareness and service access.  Community events are sponsored to offer substance free alternative events.  Guest lecturers at no cost to the community have also been available on issues relevant to the community.   The center also offers suicide prevention screening in local schools under the S.O.S. program (Signs of Suicide) and completes follow up and referral services to individuals flagged during the survey.

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